Case Studies
Sparkle Chatbot

Sparkle helps you in finding the right place to eat, shop and find deals and get travel information. You can book a cab or make an online restaurant reservation. And Sparkle is not just an app. It is a rich messaging interface which supports carousels, cards, buttons and is provided as a library for integration with IOS and Android applications.

Sparkle is not just an app it is a framework you can integrate with any iOS/android application. Integration with multiple operating systems and existing applications (apps) makes it complicated. We went through an extensive process in creating the right architecture to accommodate ever increasing changes.

Microfinance App

Flow gets money in your pocket. Flow is a lending marketplace where users can apply for loans, invest in multiple loan requests keep a track of their loans and investments.

This app is a complicated one- both from backend and frontend. Empowering user to access multi level analytics on a mobile screen was the biggest challenge. Therefore, we made sure that it wasn’t complicated at all from the user’s point of view. We went through an extensive process to simplify everything we possibly could so that it worked like a snap.


Luxecloset is a market for pre-owned fashion and accessories. Users can buy and sell their jewellery, clothes, shoes, handbags, watches and more.

Having defined the architecture and behaviour of all the app’s components, we start converting our sketches into lo-fi digital versions that will be used as the skeleton of the app. Then, we craft an interactive prototype that enables us to test, change, and validate ideas quickly.