Today's Pick - Peercoin
Published At: Sep 07,2018 03:33 PM
We recommend you to buy Peercoin today, you can expect a profit of about 18% in the next 22 hours. It's a high-risk investment and we recommend you to hold it till 16:00(IST) tomorrow. If however, it reaches a price of $1.39(28% profit) in the meantime consider trading it back.
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If the price doesn't fetch you a profit of at least 9% in the given time, we recommend you to hold it till 20:00(IST) tomorrow. Consider selling if a profit of 45% is achieved by 12:00 (IST) tomorrow.
Stop Loss
If the price falls and stagnates at 10% below the current price of $1.09, we recommend you to exchange it back for USD or USDT and stop loss. You can check back for tomorrow's investment advice at 15:00(IST) tomorrow.
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